Meet the Dawgs

Collectively, DAWGS is a strong team with a diverse background. The group has access to unparalleled fintech and software development experience. Within the core leadership team, we possess 100+ years of relevant development and commercialization experience.

  • Patrick Moynihan NY

    Lead Contributor

    Patrick comes with decades of fintech experience and connections. Has held key positions in blockchain companies and crypto hedge funds over the last 5 years.

  • Mike Tokyo

    Lead Developer

    Mike has worked in several capacities at global tech companies including senior data scientist, lead software engineer, and solution architect.

  • RJ Los Angeles

    Contributing as CFO - 15+ years as finance and management executive with significant experience in M&A, due diligence, valuation, and corporate finance structuring of a business. Past CFO for the 2nd largest security token offering.

  • Aaron NY

    Masters in international business, 20+years in finance industry on sell side & buy side, working at a hedge fund as portfolio manager and research analyst with access to industry data. Known as "Small Ninja” for investment prowess across public and private markets.

  • Bitmonk Seattle

    17+ years experienced in building world’s biggest AAA video games, currently a product and technology executive at one of the big-techs.

  • Mr. Me Tokyo

    7 years of experience helping to launch lean internet start-ups. Hats worn in the field include project management, product management, digital marketing, design, business dev, content creation, and community outreach. Jack of none master of all mr. me gets it done!

  • Eric Tokyo

    Extensive experience in hardware engineering, software development, and cloud architecture. Referred to as “the machine” developer

  • Jason Phoenix

    10+ years experience in branding and marketing, Javascript enthusiast and UX lead for multiple tech and blockchain startups. Ex Facebook/ Meta now delivering treats on behalf of the dawgs pack.

  • LahLahLisa NYC

    20 years in communications managing branding, marketing and backend software development. Produced international large crypto conferences and will represent Dawgs at several industry events in 2022.

  • Rovin Vancouver

    7+ years of experience in Software Development, Marketing and Data driven platforms achieving the business needs successfully for big MNCs.

  • Sensei Hong Kong

    Technology lead with 10+ years of software development experience.

  • Sushil Nepal

    Full time web3 UI with significant dev stack experience.

  • Turk D.C.

    Consulting in-house digital artist, Twitter account manager, lead community guide and socials moderator and all around snake charmer.

  • Spencer London

    Designer and web developer.

  • Johnson Hong Kong

    China/ Asian marketing and network support.

  • Muuhn Nevada

    Marketing Leader from OMI.

  • Mike Onassis Guernsey, UK

    Deep crypto experience OG status.

  • Coach K Philippines

    Supporter/ investor of both MatterFi and DAWGS.

  • Additional members

    10+ more

    Designers, community members, etc. from all professional industries.

In addition to the core team, strong support exists from key leaders in the blockchain sphere. Open Transactions OT has been a technological darling in blockchain, now game ready after 12 years of development and +650K lines of codebase. SpaceDawgs is the first multi-chain iteration of OT. Spacedawgs is aggressively growing and hiring, so drop us your resume!

Go Dawgs!