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The $DAWGS Token

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The $DAWGS Token is the main currency of the SpaceDawgs ecosystem.

The $DAWGS Token is an ERC-20, utility memecoin with 980,000,000,000 supply. Our tokenomics are well suited to support our core mission of creating a multi-chain accessible wallet.

Holding $DAWGS unlocks new possibilities and privileges for you in the SpaceDawgs ecosystem. From automatic rewards and voting power, to exclusive gear drops and app functionality, it pays to be part of the pack.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Currency token of the SpaceDawgs ecosystem and Alphaverse
  • Early and/or exclusive access to the SpaceCard mobile cold wallet levels
  • Access to select SpaceDawgs NFT offerings
  • Access to SpaceDawgs and $RKTS merchandise and giveaways
  • Access to select brand partnership benefits and rewards
  • In development: Multi-chain asset with simple access to bridging

Key Informarmation

  • $DAWGS is a fixed cap Standard ERC20 token
  • there is a total supply of 980,000,000,000 $DAWGS
  • There are a few Multi-sig wallets controlled by key Dao Members:
    • Dao Wallet Address
    • Charity Wallet Address
    • Developer Wallet Address
How to get $DAWGS

Contract address

Ethereum Mainnet


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